BCS Higher Educational Qualifications

BCS HEQ is a Professional ICT Qualification that is equivalent to a UK Honours Degree. The qualification also leads to Chartered Status in IT

ESOFT is the World's First Training Organisation to be Accredited by the BCS for All Three Levels of the Programme. ESOFT was also the first to provide FREE textbooks to all students that register for the Training Programme. We are also proud to have produced World and Sri Lankan Prize Winners for many consecutive years.

We were also the first to introduce the Full-time Study Programme, under the name of BCS-Plus. Others may have copied us, but only we know the passion and the reasons behind the idea.

Levels / Semesters

3 Levels

  • Certificate (3 Compulsory Subjects)
  • Diploma (1 Compulsory Subject + 3 Optional)
  • PGD (4 Optional Subjects)


5 to 6 months per level

Entry Requirements:

None. Complete beginners can join


Twice a year. April and October


Certificate Level: Rs. 29,000 (Rs.9,500 + Rs.6,500 *3)
Diploma Level:    Rs.38,000 (Rs.12,500 + Rs.8,500 * 3)
PGD Level:         Rs. 52,000 (Rs.16,000 + Rs.12,000 * 3)
Professional Project: Rs.25,000 (Rs.12,000 + Rs.6,500 * 2)

+ Exam and BCS Student Membership Fees