Diploma in Web Engineering (DIWE)

E-Business and related areas such as e-Governance and e-Learning have lead to a demand for qualified web applications developers who are able to develop rich solutions using a multitude of tools and technologies. DIWE will expose the students to a practical environment of web applications engineering allowing them to master the critical technologies. Ideal for those looking for a career in web engineering and also for those that are looking for a revenue earner for self employment.

Course Contents:
  • Unit 1 - Introduction to web technologies
  • Unit 2 - Multimedia technologies on the web
  • Unit 3 - Coding with HTML
  • Unit 4 - Web designing tools (DreamWeaver, Flash, Photoshop)
  • Unit 5 - Programming with JavaScript
  • Unit 6 - Fundamentals of PHP
  • Unit 7 - Advanced PHP concepts
  • Unit 8 - File handling with PHP
  • Unit 9 - Using extensions and image manipulation
  • Unit 10 - Working with mySQL databases
  • Unit 11 - Web Development Project

6 months

Course Fee

Rs.34,500 (Payable in installments, Rs.8,500 + Rs.6,500 * 4)